I recently introduced a new tour. It’ll be called the Welcome to Milwaukee Downtown Tour. This will be an approximately one and a half hour ride through the Third Ward, along the river, and into Walker’s Point.


I’m doing this because of many requests for a tour that is shorter and less expensive than the food tour. The food tour remains popular, but not everyone wants to visit so many restaurants! This new tour is for people who want a chance to ride a seven seat bike through the downtown area, learn a little about its history and current attractions, and aren’t able to spend 3- 3 ½ hours trying different kinds of food.


This tour will start at Jerry’s dock, 318 S Water st, the same location where the food tour currently starts from. We will begin by crossing the bridge into the Third Ward. We will go up Broadway to the Public Market, where we’ll see some of the interesting shops and restaurants guests may want to visit. Then we’ll go back past the Summerfest grounds to Erie st, learning about the ward’s fascinating past.


We’ll go down the boardwalk and see the history of Milwaukee (and the world) carved into the wood. Then we’ll head West to Water Street to see landmarks such as Catalano square and the fireboat house, while also observing ghost signage that remains from days of old.


Then we’ll cross the Water St bridge into Walker’s Point. We’ll see the water tower public art on the Coakley Bros building, Shaker’s haunted cigar bar, and other landmarks before making our way back to the start.


I expect to be something tourists will enjoy, but even people who live in the area will learn something new about the neighborhood. And it’s always fun to ride a seven seat bike! You can make reservations online at sevenseat.bike or give us a call.


Your guide,