Fixture Pizza Pub Ready for Tours

Fixture Pizza Pub Ready for Tours

Today I went for lunch at Fixture Pizza on 2nd street to see what’s new as we get ready to restart our food tour for the 2018 season. Fixture has been a regular stop on many of our tours. Even though we call our tour a food tour of the Historic Third Ward, as many of our regulars know when you come on our tour you actually get two neighborhoods for the price of one- we ride over the river into the Fifth Ward as well. That enables us to include many excellent Fifth Ward restaurants such as Fixture, Indulgence Chocolatiers, and more.

I found out about a new special on Sundays- $4 bloodies and $3 Tap Prosecco Mimosas. This special is available to anyone dining in, so our Sunday food tours will qualify. Don’t worry- there are drinks to be ordered on other days also. Remember Fixture always has about 18 beers on tap.

Milwaukee Seven Seat Bike Tours- Fixtures Pizza Pub Special

Sunday Specials

The list of beers on tap changes weekly. I took a look at what they had, and one, in particular, caught my eye- Laughing Clown Chocolate Stout. I wanted to order, but then I noticed the 9.8% alcohol content and remembered Fixture’s large serving glasses. Probably not the best since I was planning on driving and then working at Save Milwaukee Escape Room. So I decided to wait for another time.

Milwaukee Seven Seat Bike Tours- Fixtures Pizza Pub Beer List

Beer List

One more tip- lest I forget to mention I got a delicious lunch of a personal pizza with one topping and a salad for $7. I recommend highly, and I can’t wait till in another few weeks we get back to Fixture on the seven seat bikes!  -Shlomo

Milwaukee Seven Seat Bike Tours- Fixtures Pizza Pub Lunch

Pizza and Salad Lunch