Is It Like a Walking Tour?

Is It Like a Walking Tour?

Good question. In some ways yes, in some ways no.

Our tours are like walking tours in that we cover a set route and make predetermined stops. So just as a walking culinary tour would, for example, stop at various restaurants along its way we stop at four restaurants on each of our food tours as well.

Our guides are trained like guides that would give walking tours. They are knowledgeable, prepared, witty, and ready to give you interesting information about the sites you’ll see.

But our tours are different because instead of walking we get around on our round, seven seat bikes. Because of this the distance we can cover on each tour is greater (while our bikes’ peak speed is only about 5 miles per hour, that’s still faster than walking. . .) So we are able to include a wider variety of restaurants on our food tour, and to stop at a wider variety of sites on our East side tour.

We also get to wave to people as we go by, and lots of time people snap our picture. I mean, not everyone has seen a round, seven seat bike before, so of course we attract attention. When have you ever seen that happen to a walking tour? Our tours give our guests the chance to feel like celebrities for a while.

And you’ll also get pictures of yourself and your group on our seven seat bikes. When you share those with friends or post them online everyone will ask what you were doing and what’s that you were riding. It’ll be a fun, unique experience you’ll be talking about for a long time.

So it’s an easy choice when you take a tour of Milwaukee. Why walk, when you can ride a seven seat bike?