Seven Seat Bike Basketball

Seven Seat Bike Basketball

I bought my first Conference Bike about ten years ago, and the second shortly thereafter. The original reason I bought the bikes was not for tours. Instead, it was to play a game I invented called Seven Seat Bike Basketball.


The way this works is that a large net is mounted on top of each bike (where the sign goes) and each bike gets about 50 foam dodgeballs in the basket in the middle. Then the two bikes circle around an oval course as the riders attempt to score points by throwing the balls into the basket on the other team’s bike. Since both bikes are moving this is harder than it looks. (A lot harder- even adults sometimes miss by many yards!)


What I think is especially great about this game is that since the bike keeps the whole team together everyone can play. Adults and children, people who are athletic and those who are not, all can be on the same team.


I actually applied for a patent on this. A friend who is a patent attorney called the game ‘a method of competition using cycles powered by human actions to throw projectiles at a target’ or something like that. The patent office rejected it, though. They said the definition we gave is too close to wheelchair basketball. Oh well.


We continue to offer this game on weekdays. We’ve done it for school and church groups, camps, girl scouts, and an occasional corporate outing. It’s best for groups of 30-50. That way everyone takes turns- some people are on the bikes while others get a drink, help collect the balls, and so on. It’s a lot of fun- an inclusive, outdoor activity people haven’t tried before.


Happy riding!