How We Pick Our Restaurants

How We Pick Our Restaurants

A lot of times during tours guests ask how we pick restaurants for the food tour. No reason why you have to wait to take a food tour to find out- I’ll do my best to answer that question now.

First, we look for restaurants that are part of the third ward community and special to our neighborhood (sorry Shake Shack- no chains!) On your tour we want you to try something local, not something you can get exactly the same everywhere else in the USA.

Second, in order to be on the tour restaurants have to offer an item that can be split among the tour group or an item that comes in an appropriate size for one of our stops. The restaurant also has to be able to accommodate us physically. For some smaller establishments that’s not always so easy- remember we need them to save up to 14 places!

Third, it goes without saying we only pick restaurants that offer prompt, friendly service and serve delicious food. We’re particularly on the lookout for dishes that connect to the ward’s ethic heritage or history. Think bruschetta that goes back to the ward’s Italian history at La Scala café.

Finally, the restaurant has to be close enough that we can reach it easily on our seven seat bikes, and there has to be parking for the bikes as well. Fortunately, the third ward has a plethora of such restaurants. We’re lucky to have out tour based in such a wonderful neighborhood. Enjoy!